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Process Oriented vs Results Oriented Business Models

In episode 21 of the Bootstrap Duel Podcast ‘Million Dollar Bootstrap Ballers‘, me & Ben discuss picking the best business models to get to $100k/m as quickly as possible (and win the bet we have). Out of ecommerce, productized services, SAAS and other models we both picked information products as the immediate focus for the challenge. I’ve now set up the sales funnel for my book Unbreak Yourself which is FB ads > video squeeze page (using leadpages) > 5 part email course > book sales page. I’m also currently building out what will become an authority site for posture, mobility, health & fitness and I will start cross-selling other people’s products as an affiliate until ultimately creating higher ticket items to upsell on the thank you pages such as an online course / membership site. I’ll also be using amazon affiliates (where you get ~ 5% of a sale) and adsense as secondary monetization channels. We recently had Kevin Koskella on the show from the Freedom Lovin podcast (which I was previously on) who was talking about aiming to scale his niche site to $20k/m. My co-host Ben is aiming for $25k/m with a health & fitness info product using his product validation framework he’s currently building; I’m aiming for a more modest $10k/m from the authority site and products within 12 months which isn’t going to get me to $100k/m so I need something that will and after taking a couple of months off from constant prospecting, I’m looking at productized services once again. And I’m looking at the business / domain where version 1.0 was selling a sales funnel setup product along with an outbound... read more

My Top 8 Business Podcasts For Bootstrappers

Kim Doyal from the WPChick asked me on Twitter yesterday what business podcasts I listen to and as questions are content (got that one from Justin McGill’s podcast listed below!) I thought I’d do a post about it. Below are the 8 podcasts for bootstrappers I listen to religiously and it’s interesting to see that 6/8 are all part of the Dynamite Circle that I’m a member of. The Freedom Lovin Podcast by Kevin Koskella is about creating more freedom in our lives and is a great mix of internet marketing, travel and mindset. It was great to meet Kevin in Boulder back in 2013 who introduced me to Ben Perove who I now do the Bootstrap Duel podcast with (yup it’s a small world). I got interviewed about my book on the show back on episode 18.     The Tropical MBA Podcast by Dan & Ian was the first podcast I got into and a big factor in getting me pointed in the right direction with my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve been listening since the Lifestyle Business Podcast days back in 2011 and the episode with Damian Thompson on Productizing Services was gamechanging for me.      Zero to Scale is the newest bootstrapping podcast by co-host Justin McGill (who’s a member in our BootstrapDuel private slack community, free to join for first 100 members, currently at 42, sign up here) and who is a baller in this space having grown a marketing agency to 7 figures and now a SAAS / productized service hybrid to a six fig annual run rate within 3 months. It’s great to hear how successful people a few... read more

Email Marketing Automation: Leaving Mailchimp for Drip

First up I want to say that I’m a big fan of MailChimp; I’ve been using it since 2011 and it got me to my first 1000 subscribers. Plus I still find it funny when Jason Calacanis impersonates the Chimp when he reads out an advert on This Week In Startups. The UI is top notch and the new automation features are a real welcome addition such as to trigger a workflow when a subscriber clicks a specific link: However Mailchimp falls down in terms of true marketing automation due to the fact it is based on static campaigns and separate lists, rather than dynamic campaigns and overall subscribers (who can belong to multiple campaigns). The former is not an effective way of communicating and monetising your audience whilst the latter enables you to send personalised communications based on where the contact is at in their business journey and the actions taken on your site such as downloaded content. Why I left Mailchimp for Drip Exactly one year on from publishing my book Coffee Shop Entrepreneurs I sent out an email to all my subscribers in Mailchimp stating that I was now giving the book away for free. I was sick of giving amazon all of my customers and I wanted to use the book as a lead magnet to get people into my sales funnel now that I’m offering higher value products such as productize. I wanted to track which of my existing subscribers had downloaded the book so that I could create a marketing sequence for this more engaged section of my list. In MailChimp you can partially do this my uploading the file to their File Manager... read more
Richard Patey

Richard Patey

I’m a Brit internet marketer currently bootstrapping the productized service biz (marketing funnels and content marketing as a service) and the authority site  – find out more here.